I Want Help

What is it going to cost me for support?

Email Help: This is a free service.  Some things are really simple and maybe you are just stuck.  What is simple for us might be a huge problem for you.  If we can help you with just communicating with email it's best for both of us.  

What will it cost to work on your computer:  If we come out to you there will be a service call of $50.  We will charge you $120/hr for the duration of while we are there.   If we can handle your situation via remote call in to your computer you will save the service call fee.  

What if I just want advice:  While we are solving a problem for you we charge $120/hr.  

How do you pay me:  I accept payment by check, cash, and paypal.  If you want to set up a PayPal account click here.